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The Estate

A mix of six botanicals, the water of the Mediterranean Sea and a secret ingredient: this is inside Muma Gin, an Italian distillate, mirror of Puglia, which wants to collect its scents, colors and its history.⁣

Muma is the first Italian spirit to incorporate purified water from the Mediterranean Sea. Inside, to complete the spell, there are eight ingredients: chamomile, ireos, cinnamon, lemon and orange, juniper and an eighth ingredient that the creators of Muma do not intend to reveal.⁣

This distillate comes to life from the meeting of two Apulian excellences: Frantoio Muraglia and Birrificio Matà. Entrepreneur and producer devoted to extra virgin olive oil, Savino Muraglia continues the family tradition that has been producing, harvesting and pressing olives for five generations to produce superior quality oils. The production takes place in a discontinuous alembic still, in Trinitapoli. The product is available in two formats: 40ml and 500ml.⁣


Trinitapoli, Barletta

The Product

Product typology
Distilled gin made with sea water

It's transparent, crystal clear, like Mediterranean water.⁣
About the aroma: lavender, citrussy notes with a hint of balsamic, cinnamon and juniper. The savouriness comes to the nose as well, and helps cutting the balsamic notes.  ⁣About the taste: citrussy, balsamic, with juniper notes, mediterranean after taste. The savouriness of sea water gives to gin an extremely long finish. The texture is rounded, gentle and delicate. ⁣

Perfect for a gin tonic with aromatic and herbacious tonic waters, with Mediterranean notes. ⁣
Great for Negron and French 75: for vermouth lovers best to be paired with white dry ones, in case of red vermouth, better to add an extra dose of it with bitters. ⁣


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