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The Estate

Architecture creates wine experience. This is why we displaced the Pfitscher estate from the heart of Montagna into the middle of the vineyards – creating a new winery which merges discreetly with the landscape despite its modernity. Accurate and gentle handling of resources was important to us during the construction of our new winery. We question every single working step and consider which site offers the best potential. A down-to-earth character and much passion are fundamental, as well as innovation and nature-loving attitude. It is our goal to preserve traditions founded by our ancestors and meliorate them in continuation.


Montagna, Bolzano

The wine

Grape typology
White wines: Müller Thurgau , Chardonnay , Gewürztraminer Red wines: Merlot , Lagrein , Pinot Noir , Schiava (Vernatsch)

They cultivate our wine in six different areas, each presenting us with a set of challenges that couldn’t be more varied and each cleverly matched to the different characters and flamboyant natures of our wines. ⁣

Our homeland. This is where we come from, and Montagna is Pinot noir country. This complex and challenging grape demands a great deal of devotion from us. But it gives an unbelievable amount in return.⁣

The vineyards sit atop a peak of sand and scree deposited by the Trodena river over centuries. It is simply perfect for Lagrein, Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer. ⁣

Warmed by the sun, our Cortaccia vines are situated on the western side of the Bassa Atesina valley. This is a top site for particularly heat-loving wines.⁣

Our highest-lying vineyard in the municipality of Fiè allo Sciliar rises as high as 900 metres above sea level. Sauvignon and Müller-Thurgau are the varieties that positively thrive here, with big temperature differences allowing them to develop their characteristic aroma and liveliness. ⁣

Nestled in the valley. Hot in summer. Grapes that love hot, dry soils feel at home here where they can flourish and develop their unique style. ⁣

Our Gewürztraminer vines are cultivated on a lightly sloping terrace facing to south.The grapes here ripen perfectly. On the one hand the site is sundrenched from sunrise to sunset, while on the other, the grapes are kept dry and healthy by a north wind in the morning, and a wind from the south in the afternoon. Furthermore, the morainal soils deposited in the last Ice Age ensure the vegetation period proceeds harmoniously. 


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