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Our Story

In 2015, Certa was born as a family of Italian wineries bonded together by a common vision towards quality, dedication and innovation and motivated by the desire to share their stories and values.⁣⁣⁣⁣
Along the past 5 years Certa celebrated the artistry of making wine introducing the unique nature of Italian lands, grapes, and viticultures to Asia. We worked alongside with our importers and partners, supporting and taking them by hand into a new market. We provided a gateway to establish a deeper awareness and a more meaningful conversation about wine.⁣⁣⁣⁣
We are now ready for a new chapter of our journey. We’ll take you on a tour beyond wine, trying to shape a new compelling way of talking about gastronomy, crafts, travel and people from the far south of Italy all the way up to the north. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Certa might be celebrating its 5th birthday as a business but as an idea it’s closer to being 10 years old. When Keti Mazzi decided, at some stage in the early 2010s, to move to Hong Kong, she wasn’t fully aware she was about to dive into an unmapped geographical and cultural adventure. ⁣

She came here to talk about Italian wine, driven by the belief that the emphasis had to be placed on Italy’s intensely diverse landscapes, grapes and history. She came to represent a family of wine estates, determined to plant an Italian flag in Asia. That moment feels so recent. ⁣

And perhaps it still feels fresh because there is a lot that is alive and kicking in the stories that we told everyday. In each episode there is a snap of genuine ambition that still informs much of what we do: engaging with the world with intuition, confidence and sentiment, going for well-made over fleeting, having fun along the way.⁣

She initially came to represent two main family of wine estates, determined to plant an Italian flag in Asia. Here's how Certa was born: a conversation with Alberto Tasca from and Federico Ceretto


At Certa, we are creating meaningful conversations about and around wine and food culture, uncovering stories and experiencing products from the making (brining people to travel around Italy with us) to the tasting (organising gatherings around a table in Hong Kong). We are a two-way bridge to connect two worlds - Italy and Hong Kong - attempting to explain on each side the richly cultural presumptions we all unknowingly hold. ⁣

What we want to communicate? The way we approach, enjoy and talk about food.⁣

We’re definitely not only ambassadors of Italian-ness.⁣

Day after day, we are exploring the true extent of this opportunity, working towards new culinary encounters that often happens around a table, as easy as the natural progression of the way cultures mix.  Indeed, Hong Kong is a cultural cauldron marrying various cuisines together. Here, food constantly evolves and adapts to new conditions. ⁣⁣

Sharing a meal has always been a way to understand each others' cultures. We want to pursue this vision, seeking for meaningful culinary / cultural encounters that can shape new vibrant foodways, learning to be vulnerable together and creating a sense of purpose, empathy and community in an ever-changing landscape.


6 pillars as a vehicle to share our credo and our vision of the future

  • Certa is Tradition.
    Each gesture, decision, attention and sacrifice that have been tirelessly repeated and solemnly observed throughout the years, have gained an ultimate importance, becoming a tradition. Traditions provide the flavour of things. It all sounds quite simple, but it is an endless process that needs a lot of time and a lot of love to be achieved. ⁣We believe that our future is deeply rooted in our own past.
  • Certa is Balance.
    At Certa we tell stories of products that become experiences, that are environmentally-friendly and possess a clear terroir. We support the “purity” in taste and the charm of local winemaking traditions. In this way, everything is in balance with the environment, with the people, and with their ecosystem.⁣
  • Certa is Places.
    The smell, taste and texture of our environment intensify our perception of places. The ability to be amazed and to meet our surroundings with an open mind and responsive senses will at once ground us and allow us to learn from each big little experience. We call it “be - sensuously - present”. Let’s indulge in observing, sensing and feeling everything around us; in finding the real magic in our everyday places and new magic in every journey of discovery. ⁣
  • Certa is People.
    From the great human heritage, made up of dedicated people who have worked Italian lands for years. To the curious minds around the world who appreciate deep and meaningful stories. We’re here to create a community of passionate and enthusiast individuals. Knowing others and being known, being a people person, investing in somewhere instead of trying to be everywhere. We want to do less and be more and just say yes to the next glass of wine.⁣⁣
  • Certa is Italian-ness.
    As Italians, we grown up thinking that having lunch without eating bread is as unusual as rounding it off without espresso. There is no dinner that should not be honoured by opening a bottle of wine as there isn’t a conversation that doesn’t need a choreography of gestures to support the main thesis. ⁣It isn’t easy to explain how these hereditary habits can be so intertwined with a culture. In a way, these actions all represents daily rituals of nourishment. Nourishment in its broadest sense. ⁣Emotional and spiritual, aesthetic and visual, tactile and olfactory. Nourishing experiences that can be “satisfying” in a nearly religious way. Just think about an Italian describing his favorite dish. ⁣
  • Certa is Excellence. 
    For us at Certa, excellence is a humble manifestation of a pride in what one does, an approach whereby you take extraordinary care of very small details without demanding any recognition back. Excellence is an intimate challenge at one’s own distinct frequency, following rules that have not yet been invented.
    Excellence relies on any connection between the gesture and the product: the careful hand work during the harvest in our wineries, all the dedication behind the creation of a wine unleashed in a celebrative pouring; in every final touch of any master involved in the creation and communication.
The Team

As a team, we share our office desk as we share our dining table. 

Keti Mazzi

Keti Mazzi

Founder & Managing Director

A woman of business, Keti worked in wine since young. In 2015 she founded Certa Ltd in Hong Kong, developing a bridge with Italian wines in the Asian regions.

A pure Italian perfectionist who knows how to achieve results, she always pays attention to the smallest detail spreading the passion for what she does.

Gianni Mazzi

Gianni Mazzi

Co-Founder and Coordinator Certa Platform

Keti’s brother and solid pillar of the Mazzi family, Gianni is a protagonist in the Certa Platform establishment. His Italian roots and his natural awareness for quality wine and food make him the perfect connection with our Italian producers, taking care of sourcing new distinctive partners and purchasing Italian excellence.

Matteo Ceravolo

Matteo Ceravolo

Business Development Manager - Italian Spirits

Matteo started working in F&B in 2015, after attending the Sake Sommelier course from SSA in London. He has always been a great fan of the spirits culture, and he deepened his knowledge in the Italian ones, a true touch point with his roots. Since March 2020 he started his journey as Brand Development Manager ASIA for Amara, in collaboration with Certa.

David Reali

David Reali

Business Development Manager - Food department

Born in Tuscany, David dedicated more than 25 years to fashion in Italy and around the world. His tireless research for new inspirations, new magic realities to dive into, new cultures, colors, cuisines and good wines, married the Certa philosophy, where now he takes care of  illustrating, promoting and sharing Italian excellences in Hong Kong and Asia.

Hector Cheng

Hector Cheng

Project Manager

Born in Hong Kong, fan of good food and beverages, believer of adventurism, advocate of sustainable eating, Hector devoted his career in business analysis, merchandising and product development since his graduation in 2003.



Communication and Digital, Brand Managers

Made in Italy and globally minded, Benedetta Anghileri and Sara Biancaccio are designers at 360º. They convey Certa values and spirit through every online and offline touch point.

Caterina Benetti

Caterina Benetti

Customer Care and Hospitality Development Manager

Caterina has been working in F&B since 2015. She was born in Tuscany, but her love for food and wine took her around the world to Madrid, London and now Hong Kong. She is curious, always keen to learn new things and to discover different cultures and cuisines.

Justin Chen

Justin Chen

Italian Wine Ambassador/Consultant

Justin is a super Italian wine lover, Italian wine specialist and wine educator. He has a wide range of wine-related qualifications, including WSET Diploma and WSET Certified Educator, VIA Italian Wine Ambassador and VIA Certified Italian Wine Educator, Wine Scholar Guild Italian Wine Scholar (Highest Honors), Knight of Truffle and Wine of Alba. Justin is also a wine judge of the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Stephanie Yau

Stephanie Yau

Assistant Marketing Manager

Made in Hong Kong but deeply in love with Italian culture, Steph has a very diverse background in content creation and marketing. Her interest is to create viral content on social media and always happy to explore new social trend in the coming future.

Abigael Santiago

Abigael Santiago

Admin Logistic Manager

Abigael Santiago is an Administration Manager at Certa, a key member who makes sure everyday tasks are done efficiently and effectively. Previously, Abigael worked as an Assistant Manager in F & B Industry. She attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Major in Management and Entrepreneurship.

Angela Mahtani

Angela Mahtani

Receptionist and Customer Care Officer

Angela is a fresh graduate in Bachelor of Science major in Management Accounting. She’s very keen and enthusiastic with meeting people, discovering and learning new things. She is an excellent Customer Care Specialist / Receptionist at Certa.

Marco Raineri

Marco Raineri

Warehouse Operation Manager / Quality Control Manager

Marco is responsible in warehouse operation and quality control management, a very important part of the Certa Platform business routine operation. Marco’s experience covers not only from brick and mortar but with an extension to the e-commerce logistic operation.

Jovita Yung

Jovita Yung

Sourcing analyst and Supply Chain Manager

Born in Hong Kong, worked with fashion industry since beginning, has passion of the life ,work with multitask and efficiency, career in Sourcing Analysis and Supply Chain at Certa Platform.

Ryan Lai

Ryan Lai

Warehouse Officer

Ryan is responsible in warehouse operation and working closely with Marco to enhance the logistic operation at Casa Certa.

What we do

We sell and deliver Italian products in Hong Kong. 

We manage a catalog with 450 selected products that we purchase directly from 40 Italian partners of 11 different regions. 

We create a meaningful conversation around Italian food, wine and spirits. ⁣

We organise guided tastings, knowledge exchange between professionals and newbies, pratical workshops and meals with experts and producers. We create ad-hoc itineraries to Italy (and we can travel with you as well). We design private dinners and events that tell our products and values’ story, through unique pairings and memorable conversations.

We support and guide your choices to uplift your culinary tastes.

We offer bespoke consultancy based on your personal taste, identity and story. From designing ad-hoc wine cellars, product selections and events that delivers your message and raise your culinary knowlege to the next level, to conceiving more longer-term strategic plans and programming that meet your curiosity, we guide you into a never-ending culinary/cultural discovery.

We take you on a tour around Italy.

We create tours around Italy to experience the essence of wine, spirits and food culture. Supported by our partners, we design ad-hoc itineraries that make you feel welcome (and pampered).


Live, love and stay aren't just three verbs. They represent our attitude, our way of working (and the way we enjoy our work), our vision for the future. 


We’re having a conversation with people we love, in places where we belong, drinking and eating what represent us.⁣ Glasses on the table have been poured. Who’s joining us tonight?


We like to build our connections emphatically, sharing our passion, positivity and love for life with the people we are surrounded.  Go out there and encourage toasts, embrace hugs and live a little. Cheers!


In this critical moment, we decided to stay positive, to keep smiling and move forward. We decided to #stayCERTA (literally, be/keep sure) that everything is gonna be alright, and better than ever!Currently turning negative space into positive thinking, one Certa “🔴” at a time. Can you spot it?


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