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Molise is Italy’s newest region and arguably one of its least well-known regions. Situated in Southern Italy, it’s also the second smallest region in the country. Until 1963 it was actually part of the region of Abruzzi e Molise but the region then split and Abruzzo and Molise went their separate ways. Abruzzo still borders the region to the North whilst to the East lies Puglia, Campania to the South and Lazio to the West. Molise can boast both beautiful rural and mountainous landscapes as well as stunning beaches since it lies on the Adriatic Coast, with 22 miles of sandy coastline to be enjoyed and discovered. It is split into two provinces – Campobasso and Isernia.⁣

The region offers holidaymakers a plethora of hidden gems to discover. Museums, areas of incredible archaeological importance, castles, churches and theatres…. All deserve a visit to truly discover the history and the ancient culture of this land. There is no doubt that Molise is certainly where you’ll enjoy an authentic taste of Italy.

  • Molise is cavatelli

    Cavatelli and Fusilli, which are frequently associated with the region of Puglia, are from Molise has a claim to cavatelli and also fusilli.   They are both types of pasta famous for their contours and ability to absorb sauce. Pizza e minestra is also a must. This is kind of a ‘corn’ pizza (or bread) that also resembles polenta and garden greens, such as cicoria, a bitter tasting favorite of mine. Soppressata for a traditional ‘salume’ (cured meat) and caciocavallo ‘formaggio’ (cheese).

  • Molise is Tremiti islands

    The Tremiti Islands are five bite-size islands very close together. It’s an archipelago in the Adriatic Sea, in front of the Gargano Peninsula. Administratively, the archipelago actually comes under the province of Foggia in Puglia. But it is also one of the pearls of Molise that lie 24 miles off the region’s coastline in the Adriatic Sea. The Tremiti truly are a natural paradise, with cliffs, sea caves and coves that can be reached by ferry on a day trip from the Apulian coastline.

  • Molise is Matese mountains

    A chain of mountains in the southern Apennines, the Matese cross two regions – Molise and Campania. Historically, the area was once inhabited by the Samnites, who were subsequently conquered by the Romans and then later became a centre for monasticism.⁣

    This used to be the land of transhumance: the seasonal movement of people and their livestock between summer and winter pastures. Grazing sheep, cows and buffalo still dot the landscape and you can still spot ancient trails winding up the mountains.


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