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Veneto is the romantic, Northeastern region of Italy that is home to fairytale cities like the Shakespearian towns of Verona and Padua, the mountain resorts of Cortina d’Ampezzo and Belluno and the floating city of Venice, the crown jewel of Italy. Although most people travel to Veneto to see Venice, there are many beautiful destinations across the countryside, from the beaches of Chioggia to the snowcapped Dolomite Mountains.

A food and wine holiday in Veneto offers the best way to experience the traditions and customs of local life. Thanks to their locations - often situated near to the larger art cities - a food and wine journey unites all the values of the territory: nature, history and well-being, where the palate is always satisfied.

  • Veneto is Prosecco hills

    The Prosecco hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene form a viticultural landscape in challenging, mountainous terrain. The highest quality Prosecco wine has been produced here since the 18th century. This area is dominated by a particular geomorphological conformation: hogbacks, a series of rises with narrow ridges and steep slopes (even with a slope of 50%). Worked by men since the Middle Ages, over the centuries the Prosecco Hills have taken on specular geometries and an odd chequerboard appearance.

  • Veneto is cicchetti

    Cicchetti are traditional Venetian small dishes. Fresh and seasonal, these irresistible little nibbles full of local flavor present the best of Venetian cuisine in miniature versions. Cicchetti can range from simple snacks and ingredients to more elaborate dishes such as polpette, sarde in saor, or baccalà - creamy salt cod, smeared over toasted bread. Cicchetti are typically enjoyed in local bars called bàcari, served at the counter and accompanied by ombra, a small glass of local wine.

  • Veneto is Spritz

    A concoction of prosecco, soda or water, and a splash of Aperol or Campari liqueur, the flame-coloured aperitivo. The evening spritz is intended to keep your stomach entertained until it’s fed in the later hours, a task of which is helped along with the customary side order of snacks that accompany a spritz, usually potato chips, nuts or a bowl of olives.  

  • Veneto is Amarone della Valpolicella

    Amarone della Valpolicella is an intensely flavored dry red wine made from dried (passito) grapes.⁣

    The amarone style developed as Veneto's winemakers searched for a way to increase the body, complexity and alcohol content of their wines. In order to concentrate the natural sugars and aromatics in Valpolicella wines, local producers began drying their grapes after harvest, to remove water from the berries while retaining sweetness and flavor. ⁣

    The early amarone wines were seen as mistakes – recioto left to ferment for too long – but eventually the style gained recognition and respect. Amarone comes from the Italian word amaro ("bitter"), completed by the one suffix which denotes impressive size or volume. 

Here, ‘food and wine’ signify total relaxation and enjoyment.


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Drink with Certa #12: Secondo Marco's Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2013

Drink with Certa #12: Secondo Marco's Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2013


Amarone is one of the greatest wines of Italy produced in Valpolicella located in the west side of Veneto (North-east of Italy). Here, the tradition of making wines with air-dried grapes (the process is called “appasimento”) could be traced back to the Roman time.

Drink with Matteo Season 1

Drink with Matteo Season 1


Easy mixed drinks anyone can master at home introduced by our spirits BDM, Matteo Ceravolo. 

Certa is ITALY

Certa is ITALY


Unfolding #stayCERTA, we created a family album full of windows of opportunities. To pause for a moment and remind ourselves why we are so passionate on doing what we do. Why we work so hard to share our stories with other people. ⁣ ⁣


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