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The Estate

When Vittorio Capovilla was 40 years old, he decided to quit his job in sales to start a path that brought him to write legendary chapters in the history of Italian distillation, lead by passion and dedication. After several trips in Europe, he gained experience and extreme recognition. Nowadays, Capovilla is a family business runned by the Capo, alongside with his daughters, grandsons and grand-grandsons, who share the same passion.⁣

Since 1986 Capovilla has been producing only pure Distillates. What makes all Capovilla product the excellence in their field is the choice of using the best raw material always. Raw materials are key: fruit carefully selected, fresh pomace, the best quality wine and beer and pure sugar cane sugar. All the ingredients are organic, chemicals free and naturally matured, in order to let the fruit achieve its best expression. There is nothing forced or rushed during the process: it is fundamental to follow the natural growth and time needed for each fruit. ⁣


Bassano del Grappa

The Spirits

Product typology
Grappa | Wine & Beer distillates | Fruit distillates

The Capovilla method is based on respecting time and craftmanship. No infuses, alcoholates or liquors: only pure distillates from fermentation that require between 30 and 60 kilos of raw materials to obtain one liter of final product. A unique spirit, developed thanks to years of experiments, which is produced in five steps: ⁣

1. Selection and Harvesting ⁣
It all begins from here, from healthy, mature, chemical free fruits. Every phase is crucial in the selection of the best organic ingredients: some of it comes from house production, in the family’s 4 acres field, the rest from friends and trusted producers or handpicked from what grows spontaneously and wild. It is key that the product is harvested at its perfect maturation time. ⁣

2. Fermentation ⁣
The harvested fruit gets reduced to a puree and rattled off.⁣
The spontaneous fermentation lasts for 10-20 days, depending on the raw material, the sugar residue and how the process develops.⁣

3. Baim-marie double distillation⁣
All Capovilla distillates are the result of a bain-marie double distillation, produced in custom-made distilling stills.⁣ Thanks to this process the final product is more refined, digestible and cleaner. The process is 8-10 longer than a common distillation, but worth the effort. ⁣

4. Maturation/Rest⁣
The distillate is moved to stainless steel tanks where it rests for a few years. This step is fundamental to achive the perfect depth, sharpness, complexity and balance. For a few specific product they age the distillates in small french oak barrels, in order to refine the product in wood and obtain the perfect harmony for those specific products.⁣

5. Dilution ⁣
In order to diluite the distillates, Capovilla only utilizies pure spring water. Filtered and/or processed water loses minerals and energy. All the water comer from two secret sources in Massiccio del Grappa. Pure, alive vibrant: they couldn’t for a better water for their products. ⁣


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