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The Estate

At Filippi, they aim to guard the memories of childhood, made of fragrances, colours, curiosity, acknowledging old tastes tied to our land. For them, beautiful stories are the ones beginning well and teaching us all something to be shared every day. Filippi is one of these stories, beginning in 1972 in Zanè, in the province of Vicenza with the production of naturally leavened baked goods (cakes).⁣

Mother Maria and father Giuliano have written the first chapter of this beautiful story, with genuine ingredients and family values. Today, with their sons Andrea and Lorenzo, the story goes on with the same devotion and the same enthusiasm. Despite the rigour required to maintain a high level of quality and production rhythms which are particularly pressing in certain periods of the year, they have never lost sight of the fact that the core of the firm, widened and modernized with new equipment, remains a beating heart with a human touch.⁣

According to Filippi's philosophy, everything, made with care and passion, requires “its” time. Often short, efficient time frames do not produce quality products, which need “slow” time and attention.


Zanè, Vicenza

The Product

Product typology
Panettone | Pandoro | Other sweets

The secret of Filippi products lays in research, selection and care. They search for the rarest ingredients, based on genuineness (natural ingredients and no artificial flavouring). Selection, as a continuous process and not only once, where ingredients are constantly tested in their workshop. ⁣⁣
Just as in an orchestra, to create a symphony, every instrument has to be in harmony with the whole, so it does not suffice that every ingredient is good on its own. Each ingredient has to amalgamate well with all the others, working with their productive techniques and reflecting their business philosophy. ⁣⁣
For this reason, from season to season, they reconsider, they update or they reconfirm our ingredients in respect to the techniques and flavours of tradition that they wish to hand down. They do this without giving up innovation, while keeping our eyes open on the present and maintaining an interest in the future. They want to be aware of environmental conditions and the care of animals in the environments where our chosen ingredients come from. ⁣⁣
They say no to the exploitation of workers and cruelty to animals, yes to the projects of cooperation between small producers and growers, yes to the preservation of biodiversity and whenever possible we choose local ingredients. ⁣⁣


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