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The Estate

Nestled in the area of the Murgia, in the city of Andria, the Muraglia family has produced Extra Virgin Olive Oil for over 80 years. Obtained exclusively from the pressing of Coratina and Peranzana olives, the extra virgin olive oil is the ultimate expression of the land: a perfect synthesis of a wider narrative made of tradition, curiosity and stubbornness (the translation of capatosta”, a dialectal term used in Southern Italy to indicate a hard-headed person).⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
“Capatosta” literally means hard-headed. It’s a fairly expressive term used in Southern Italy to indicate a stubborn person. Savino Muraglia is a young producer whose family has been growing and processing olives for five generations in Andria, an Apulian village not far from Bari. He wittingly uses this word to describe himself and the dogged passion Muraglia family passed down from one generation to the next: an unbounded love for olive oil. ⁣⁣⁣
Once upon a time the business would run for 60 days a year. Now this number has soared to 365 and you definitely can’t have a nap any longer in the afternoon. Yet many things have remained utterly unchanged in all this time, beginning with Muraglia’s promise to preserve the biodiversity of the agricultural landscape.


Andria, Barletta

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Varieties
Coratina | Peranzana


Muraglia’s oil is just shy enough and knows how to respect the ingredient in the dish, accompanying it. ⁣They still pick their olives by hand and press them cold in the ancient stone press. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣Coratina variety olives give a robust olive oil, as rustic and true as those who cultivate it. The oil itself reflects so many aspects linked to the people who inhabit this land: cannot but be spicy with a gently bitter overtone at the same time. A rich deep green with shades of gold, it’s perfumed with irrepressible notes of dill, fennel, artichoke, pepper and hay. In the mouth, it unleashes a riot of vegetable tones; powerful, rich, cut through with phenols perfectly integrated into its structure – a wonderfully balanced taste. ⁣

Peranzana variety olives boasts very low acidity and a very well-balanced taste. Golden yellow shot through with gleams of bright green. Its scent is dominated by the varietal characteristics of the Peranzana olive: full and fragrant, it has rich and vivid scents of tomato, rocket, radish and bright notes of artichoke. In the mouth it fully confirms its olfactory promise, with fresh and vivid notes without any excess of bitter or spicy tones.⁣⁣⁣⁣


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