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The Estate

The adventure of Tasca d'Almerita on Etna began in 2007, when the Tascante project was born:  Tasca and Etna, the synthesis of Tasca's idea of a vineyard on the highest volcano in Europe; a force of nature in its primordial state. In this extraordinary territory, on the eastern coast of Sicily, they have entered on tiptoe, with the respect one owes to a "giant". One of the most active volcanoes in the world, Etna is a vast cone-shaped volcano-basaltic compex that covers a large circular surface (about 1,200 kmq).

The products that derive from the activity of the volcano are solidified lavas and pyroclastic materials ("tefra" i.e. ash, lapilli, bombs) that deposit on top of each other and that make Etna a "stratovolcano" charachterized by effusive eruptions that alternate eruptions of a more explosive nature. A high level of yearly rainfall provides all the necessary water reserves to the soil, while the temperature ranges between day and night preserve the aromatic heritage systhetized in the hours of light in the final products.

Everything about Etna spreads magnetism: its vineyards, terraces, woods, dry stone walls, the land and the men who live here. The architecture of this place, the landscapes that only the volcano can create and shape are so clear and defined that you cannot be but enchanted.


Passopisciaro, Catania

The Wine

Grape varieties
Chardonnay | Carricante | Nerello Mascalese

On the Etna each district ("contrada") has specific characteristics: elevation, soil composition, exposure, type and morpholoy of the lava strips draw 4 scenes different from each other. What probably differentiates them and distinguishes them the most is the grological-temporal characteristcs. 

At Tascante, the native vines of Nerello Mascalese, Carricante and Nerello Cappuccio coexist on the northern side of the mountain, between Castiglione di Sicilia and Randazzo. The characteristics of the soil guarantee a space of ripening of the grapes that is slow and very long. 

It took Tasca years of research, countless wine-making trials of the native varieties and the support of enthusistatic colleagues and friends to define the style of the wines that they wanted to obtain. Today, in Passopisciaro, they vinify district by district and every wine has a different personality. 

The extra virgin olive oil

Olive Varieties
Nocellara Etnea | Brandofino

Like wine, the production of olive oil is an opportunity to illustrate the essence of Sicily and the uniqueness of Tascante estate. Oil and wine have played leading roles in Sicily since the Greeks and have been integral to the stories and territories of the island. The olive trees - symbols of light, nourishment, and health - were planted by the ancient farmers even before the vines.

Tasca d'Almerita began studying the typical varieties in the areas with the aim of describing their characteristics and qualities.

The Tascante is true olive growing on volcanic soil. Each specific area determines the olives’ ripening times and unique expressions of terroir, just like wine. In the estate there are 355 olive trees.


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