Tremontis - Traditional Sardinian spirits



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The Estate

Tremontis was born in 1994. At first it was a partnership between Argiolas family and other two partners, in 2004 Argiolas family became the sole owner of the company.⁣

Tremontis products with a premium selection of raw materials, with the best myrtle berries and lemon and the best pomace from the winemaking process. The production method is a long infusion for the liquors and distillation process for grappa. The aim is to produce products that are dedicated to customers with an acquired taste, who prefer strong taste with long persistence in the mouth. These product have a special intensity and elegance.


Serdiana, Cagliari

The product

Product typology
Traditional Sardinian spirits

Mirto is a Mediterranean plant producing myrtle berries flourishing in Sardinia and Corsica. Moreover it is a very popular liqueur produced from its berries and leaves.⁣
The berries are collected between late December and January, when they are perfectly ripe. They must have a blue-violet colour, and can be eaten.⁣

Mirto can be extracted by the infusion of myrtle leaves as well. In this case, the leaves are collected during spring time, and the result is a white liqueur, the so called mirto bianco. 


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