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Summer in Sicily: Capofaro

Written by Ian Wong
Photo by Benedetto Tarantino

In the summer of 2019 I was sitting on a terrace in the Aeolian island of Salina watching Stromboli erupt on the horizon. Lava flowed sporadically, glowing bright but pixelated as I recorded it over and over again on my iPhone.

I could save the file, but not quite the moment—it’s often impossible to bottle away experiences so conveniently.

Wine fits into this narrative a little easier. All around the terrace were vineyards of Malvasia. These are tended by the Tasca family and end up as either a dry wine called Dydime Malvasia, or a sweet wine called Capofaro Malvasia. 

I can never resist a great sweet wine, and the Capofaro Malvasia has the acidity requisite to balance out the honeyed nature of the varietal. But it’s equally hard to deny the pleasure of Dydime, a wine that feels and smells like a ripe orchard of fruits, yet is dry and bracing. ⁣

Dydime is not a wine meant for ageing, but why should it? It’s ephemeral and fleeting, like a little eruption. You can take a picture of it on your phone, but nothing beats experiencing it in real life.

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Capofaro and its unique Malvasia

Capofaro and its unique Malvasia

Malvasia delle Lipari is the noble fruit of the Aeolian islands, the grape belongs to the category of aromatic wines, and is one of the many Malvasia varieties cultivated in Italy.

The Blessed Hills of Regaleali

The Blessed Hills of Regaleali

In 1830 the Tasca brothers purchased Tenuta Regaleali, a green oasis in the center of Sicily in the county of Sclafani. Since then, each generation of the Tasca d’Almerita family has cared for this land, sharing its bounty with passion.
Tasting, Eating, Sleeping and Cultivating Beauty at Regaleali

Tasting, Eating, Sleeping and Cultivating Beauty at Regaleali

To truly understand Tenuta Regaleali, one must experience it. The land follows the cycles of nature, guiding the guest on a journey through rows of vines, bunches of grapes, cultivated fields, wine, and genuine food.

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