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Trentino is one of the few Italian region not touched by the sea, with a mostly mountainous territory including the majestically beautiful Dolomite group, and a great number of small lakes.
Historically under the domain of Austria for long centuries, and in the Northern part as a consequence the German language is still spoken, therefore the region is officially bilingual. Famous for its production of apples and wines, Trentino has a greatly developed tourist industry, with renowned winter resorts.
  • Trentino is cultural encounters

    The Trentino has always been a territory of contrasts and encounters. A piece of land, in which mountain passes and elevated plains join hilly valleys and plains and in which different people and cultures meet. While in ancient times it was the Romans and the Celtic people of the Raetians, in the Middle Ages it was the Raeti Romans and the Teutons and later finally the Germans, Italians and Ladin who met and whose cultures mixed. Its history, but also the relatively insular geographic position of some valleys, led to an extraordinary richness in culture and many customs and traditions that have been kept alive up to the present. Also some minority groups and gastronomic peculiarities have been preserved till today.

  • Trentino is Apples

    Nature’s bounty is even sweeter in the form of Mela Val di Non, Italian apples produced in orchards in the Trento province, where rainfall gathers and flows through the Noce, Val di Sole, and Val di Non rivers. Like many of the valleys of Trentino-Alto Adige, the growing and harvesting of these apples is crucial to the local economy, making it somewhat of a symbol for the region. The beautiful orchards found scattered across the valleys are sought out by many interested in this unique industry. The range of apples here are diverse and plentiful, including Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Rennet, Stark, Elstar, Royal Gala, Morgenduft, Fuji, Stayman, Gloster, Jonagold, Idared, and Braeburn. With so many delicious options to choose from, apple strudel is a locally celebrated dish and a favorite among tourists.

  • Trentino is Wine

    The natives of Alto Adige and Trentino had two very distinct cultures that still carry over to the region’s wine offerings. Alto Adige is extremely mountainous with only fifteen percent of the land suitable for cultivation. The most popular grape variety is a red one, Schiava, which is sometimes referred to by its German name of Vernatsch. This grape accounts for over 60 percent of Alto Adige’s wines and is frequently a base for local light-bodied red wines.⁣

    The area of Trentino is home to Italy’s largest production of Chardonnay and is known for being a leader in the sparkling wine industry. Ferrari is one of Italy’s best sparkling wine houses, but Trentino is also known for fine red and white wines.⁣

    In both Trentino and Alto Adige, more space is being devoted to producing Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, which can be used as a standalone or in blends. Lagrein Kretzer is considered to be one of the area’s finest roses. A highly prized dessert wine, Moscato Rosa, is distinctive because of its grand flowery aroma.


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