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Drink with Certa #12: Secondo Marco's Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2013

Written by Justin Chen

Amarone is one of the greatest wines of Italy produced in Valpolicella located in the west side of Veneto (North-east of Italy) and close to the regional capital – Verona, the city with the legend of Romeo and Juliet. Here, the tradition of making wines with air-dried grapes (the process is called “appasimento”) could be traced back to the Roman time. The name of Valpolicella is thought to derive from “Vallis-polis-cellare”, meaning the “valley of the many cellars”. The Valpolicella district can be further divided into three sub-zones: Valpolicella Classica, Valpantena and Valpolicella Orientale. Valpolicella Classica is the historic heartland of Valpolicella and the wines from this sub-zone are labelled with the official “Classico” designation, which usually represents the best quality and authentic style of wines in Valpolicella.  ⁣

Amarone 是意大利最偉大的葡萄酒之一,她產自位於意大利東北部威尼托大區西邊的Valpolicella產區,距離威尼托大區的首府維羅納不遠,而維羅納正是羅密歐和茱麗葉故事的發源地。此地以風乾葡萄釀酒的傳統可以追溯至古羅馬時代。Valpolicella的名稱據說是來源於“Vallis-polis-cellare”這個詞,意思是“有很多酒莊的山谷”。該產區可以細分為三個子產區:Valpolicella Classica, Valpantena and Valpolicella Orientale。Valpolicella Classica是該產區中的歷史核心產地,這裡出產的葡萄酒可於酒標上冠以“經典”字樣,通常也代表了Valpolicella葡萄酒的最佳品質和正宗的風格。

The Amarone I tasted today is a “Classico” wine made by Secondo Marco from one of the 5 communes within the Valpolicella Classica area – Fumane. The winery is run by Marco Speri, who separated from the important Valpolicella winery – Speri and set up his own business in 2008. A rising start to watch! ⁣
這次品試的Amarone正是一款“經典”酒款,由Secondo Marco酒莊出品,葡萄園來自Valpolicella Classica子產區五個村中的Fumane村。此酒莊由Marco Speri打理,他來自Valpolicella很有地位的Speri家族酒莊,于2008年自立門戶,是值得關注的一顆新星!

The wine is made from a blend of indigenous grapes including Corvina 45%, Corvinone 45%, Rondinella 5%, and other grapes 5%. It shows beautiful medium ruby colour with garnet hue. The nose is pronounced and complex with ripe and dried red cherries and strawberries, dried rose petals, sweet spices (cinnamon, nutmeg), dried citrus peels, tea leaves and some balsamic and undergrowth notes.   On palate, it is dry with medium plus body and high level of flavour concentration, which is well balanced by its vibrant acidity and ripe tannins. The finish is long with a mix of fruits accompanied by mineral salinity, bitter almond and blood orange sensations. This a fantastic Amarone, which combines power and elegance and has a great potential for ageing.  Suggest a slow airing in bottle for 24 hours or decanting for at least two hours before serving. ⁣

此酒以當地原生葡萄混釀而成,包括45% Corvina、45% Corvinone、5% Rondinella 以及5%的其它葡萄。酒呈漂亮的中等紅寶石色並帶橙色鑲邊,其香氣馥鬱兼複雜,包含成熟和風乾的紅櫻桃和草莓,玫瑰幹花、甜香料(肉桂、豆蔻)、幹橙皮、茶葉和一些香脂和灌木的氣息。其口感為幹型,酒體中上但酒味集中度高,與活潑的酸度和成熟的單寧構成和諧的平衡。餘韻中各種果味由礦物鹹味、苦杏仁和血橙等味道所襯托,延綿悠長。這是一款上佳的Amarone, 力量和優雅兼備,且陳年能力強。建議在享用前提前24小時開瓶並於瓶中緩慢透氣,或於醒酒器中醒酒至少兩個小時左右。

As it is an Amarone with less residual sugar and a complete dry taste, it is more food friendly. Recommended pairing will include aged hard cheese, stewed meats, sausages with rich sources and Sardinian style of suckling pigs. With regard to Chinese cuisines, try it with Peking duck, Cantonese roasted goose and Stir-fried Beef Short Ribs with Black Pepper and you won’t be disappointed!⁣

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