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Drink with Certa #14: Lungarotti Rubesco Rosso di Torgiano 2019

Written by Justin Chen

Lungarotti is the leading winery in Umbria, a region located in central Italy with the fame of being the “green heart of Italy” thanks to its stunning green landscape and picturesque countryside. Umbria is also one of the best places to produce black truffles in Italy.  The founder of the winery – Girogio Lungarotti is considered as one of the most important figures of the post-ward Italian wine industry. He focused on quality above all else and produced the first vintage of a wine called Rubesco in 1962. Due to the great success of Rubesco, its production area – Torgiano became Umbria’s first DOC in 1968. ⁣
Lungarotti是翁布裡亞地區具領導地位的酒莊。翁布裡亞位於意大利的中部,因其令人驚歎的綠色自然環境和如畫般的鄉村景色,而素有“意大利綠色心臟”的美譽。 這裡也是意大利最好的黑松露產區之一。酒莊的創始人 -  Girogio Lungarotti 被公認為是在戰後意大利葡萄酒發展史上具有舉足輕重地位的人物。他以品質為先,在1962年便推出了名為Rubesco的葡萄酒。由於Rubesco所取得的巨大成功,其所在產區 – Torgiano于1968年成為翁布裡亞首個法定DOC產區。⁣

Today I am going to taste the 2019 vintage of Rubesco Rosso di Torgiano. It is a wine mainly based on Sangivoese with a small blend of Colorino. It is fermented in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature and refined one year in casks and one in bottle before release. ⁣
筆者今日試飲的是2019年份的Rubesco Torgiano紅葡萄酒。此酒以Sangivoese葡萄為主,加入少量Colorino葡萄混釀而成,於不銹鋼桶內溫控發酵,之後在木桶中陳釀1年,並於裝瓶後再陳年1年才推出市場。⁣

The wine has deep ruby colour. The nose is quite intense with violet, ripe red and black cherries, blueberries, citrus peel, cinnamon and some leather and peppery notes. On palate, the wine is medium plus body with good concentration. It is quite fruity but balanced well by its bright acidity and medium plus level of tannins, which are ripe with some chalky character, which is typical for a Sangiovese wine. The finish is quite long with the berry fruits mixed with brown spices, bitter almond and a touch of clean minerality. With its solid structure, this wine may still evolve for 5 to 10 years but it is already drinking beautifully now. “Rubesco” derives from the Latin verb “rubescere”, meaning “to blush” (with joy), and this wine can certainly deliver such fantastic feeling to you!⁣
此酒呈深紅寶石色。其香氣頗為集中,帶有紫羅蘭、成熟的紅黑櫻桃、藍莓、橙皮、肉桂和些許皮革及胡椒的氣息。入口,酒體中上,酒味濃郁,其豐富的果味與亮麗的酸度和中等偏上的單寧形成良好的平衡。單寧成熟並帶有Sangiovese葡萄酒典型的粉狀質地。此酒餘韻頗長,莓類的果味與棕色香料、苦杏仁和一絲清爽的款物味交相輝映。此酒具一定的結構,雖然目前已很可口,但仍有5-10年繼續發展的潛力。“Rubesco”來源於拉丁文的動詞 “rubescere”,意為高興地臉紅,而此酒毫無疑問會給你這種美妙的感覺!⁣

Due to its great fruit concentration, well balanced and welcoming style, Rubesco Rosso di Torgiano is a versatile wine in terms of food and wine pairings and perfect for both every-day meal or fine restaurant dishes. Recommended cuisines may include Fiorentina Bistecca (T-bone steak), BBQ, roast chicken and aged cheeses (pocorino, parmigiano). For Chinese cuisine, Sautéed Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper, Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef, Peking Duck and Cantonese Roast Goose will all work fantastically with this wine. Rubesco is the most exported wine world-wide from Lungarotti, so there is no reason not to try it. Cheers! ⁣

基於其上佳的果味集中度,良好的平衡和親和的風格,Rubesco Torgiano紅葡萄酒在餐酒搭配方面頗為多元化,既適合家常菜肴,又可配合高檔餐廳菜式。筆者推薦的菜式包括:佛羅倫斯牛排(T骨牛排)、BBQ燒烤、烤雞和佩高裡諾羊奶芝士和巴馬臣芝士等陳年芝士。中餐方面,黑椒牛柳、幹炒牛河、北京烤鴨和廣式燒鵝等均是不錯的選擇。Rubesco是Lungrotti酒莊出口全世界最多的酒款,你沒有理由不試一試哦。乾杯!

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