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Drink with Certa #3: Mosnel Brut Nature

Written by Justin Chen

This Franciacorta Brut Nature from Cantina Il Mosnel comes from vineyards located in the municipality of Passirano, in the heart of the Franciacorta DOCG. It is mainly produced with Chardonnay (70%) with Pinot Bianco (20%) and Pinot Nero (10%). The wine ages in the bottle for about 24 months on lees before riddling.  There is only about 0-3 g/l sugar in the wine and therefore, it is labeled as Brut Nature. ⁣

這款Il Mosnel酒莊出品的極幹型Franciacorta,其葡萄園位於Franciacorta DOCG 產區核心的Passirano村。以70%的Chardonnay為主,輔以20%的Pinot Bianco和10%的Pinot Nero. 此酒于瓶中連同酒渣陳釀約24個月。由於酒中的殘糖含量僅0-3克/升,因此標明為極幹型(Brut Nature)。

This wine is characterized by a straw yellow color. The nose is delicate with white blossom, lemon, grapefruit, peach and hint of brioche and toasty notes.  The palate is clean and dry showing the typical Brut Nature character with creamy mousse. Finish is long and fresh with pleasant bitter citrusy, umami and mineral notes. ⁣


This wine is ideal to pair with delicate sea food like oyster and shellfish, sushi and sashimi. It is fantastic for some aperitifs and crispy snacks as well like my favourite Japanese potato chips with seaweed flavours. I have recently learnt that Certa Platform will present some truffle flavoured chips soon and I believe this is going to be a perfect match with this Brut Nature as the truffle aroma will enhance the autolytic notes (like brioche, toasty and smoky notes) of this wine and make it more interesting and complex. Can’t wait to try! ⁣

这是搭配味道新鲜的海鲜菜式如:生蚝和贝类、寿司和鱼生等的理想用酒。佐以开胃前菜和香脆的小吃(如我最爱的日本薯片)也十分可口美味。据闻Certa Platform将很快会有松露味的薯片面市,相信会是这款极干型起泡酒的绝配,因为松露的香气会使酒的酵母香(如:奶油蛋卷、烤土司和烟熏等味道)进一步提升,使她喝起来更为复杂和有趣。我已等不及想试一下了!

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