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Drink with Certa #6: Di Majo Norante's Tintilia

Written by Justin Chen

Tintilia is considered native to Molise, the small southern Italy region sandwiched between Puglia and Abruzzo. There is also a theory that this grape was brought to Molise from Spain as its name could derive from the Spanish tinto meaning red.  ⁣

莫利塞是位於意大利南部,夾在普利亞和阿布魯佐中間的一個較小的地區。Tintilia被認為是莫利塞的原生葡萄品種, 也有人認為她來源於西班牙,因其名稱可能是從西班牙語中的tinto(意思是紅色)一詞演變而來。

Due to its low productivity, this grape was used mainly as a blending partner for wines made from Montepulciano in the past. However, nowadays there has been an increasing enthusiasm for this characterful local grape and the Tinitilia del Molise DOC was specially created in 2011 for it. ⁣

由於其產量較小,此葡萄過去主要是作為Montepulciano葡萄的混釀夥伴。但近年來,當地對這款頗有個性的葡萄的熱情不斷上升,並於2011年專門設立了Tintilia del Molise法定DOC產區。

Di Majo Norante, the leading winery in Molise, is one of the few local producers making a 100% Tintilia varietal wine. As the grape’s name indicates, the wine has a deep ruby color with some purple rim. The nose is full of red and black berries, red plum, toasted oak, damp earth, black pepper with some liquorice and balsamic herbs notes. On palate, it has good concentration with red and black fruits, dried herbs and tea leaves, dark chocolate and bitter almond flavours. The tannin is ripe and furry but only at medium level. The long finish is a mix of fruits with balsamic, underbrush and some blood orange sensation.  ⁣

Di Majo Norante是莫利塞地區首屈一指的酒莊,也是少數以100% Tintilia釀制單一葡萄酒款的當地酒莊之一。正如其名,此酒呈深紅寶石色並帶些紫色邊緣。其香氣富含紅、黑莓類果實、紅布冧、橡木桶的烘烤味、濕泥土、黑胡椒,並帶些甘草和芳香草本的氣息。入口頗有集中度,紅、黑果實、乾草本和茶葉、黑朱古力和苦杏仁的味道紛呈。其單寧中度,成熟並帶有毛絨絨的質感。長長的餘韻中果味夾雜著芳香草本、灌木和些許血橙的味道。

This is an excellent wine to pair with rich dishes with peppery or spicy flavourings. Neapolitan Pepperoni Pizza would be a fantastic choice to go with this full and soft wine with spicy character. The Chinese diced beef tenderloin in black pepper sauce would be an ideal choice and the concentrated red and black fruits of the wine will pair very well with the tender beef while the peppery/spicy character of the wine echoes with the black pepper source of the dish. You may also try it with the Korean style of barbecue beef with a bit of Kimchi. Tinilia is really a hidden gem from the south for you to explore. Salute! ⁣


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