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Drink with Certa #7: Cavalleri's Blanc de Blancs

Written by Justin Chen

Cavalleri is located in Erbusco, in the heart of Franciacorta. It is one of the historical wineries with ownership of agricultural land in Franciacorta since 1450. Today Cavalleri winery is a landmark of style in Franciacorta believing strongly in the concept of blanc de blancs by using Chardonnay grapes only, trying to express at the top level cru potentials in Franciacorta.⁣

Cavalleri位於Franciacorta (中文官方譯名:馥奇達) 核心地帶的Erbusco村。這是一間很有歷史的酒莊,早在1450年就已在當地擁有農田。現今,Cavalleri是馥奇達的代表性酒莊之一,其以Chardonnay釀制的白中白是其主打產品,能夠展現頂級馥奇達的風範。

Franciacorta has warmer growing conditions than Champagne, which allow producers to pick grapes with a ripeness level that makes high levels of dosage unnecessary. For this reason, Brut Nature (may also be labelled as Non Dosato or Dosaggio Zero) has become more and more common and successful in Franciacorta. ⁣

馥奇達擁有較香檳產區更溫暖的氣候條件,採收的葡萄更容易達到理想的成熟度,使得釀造過程中的添糖水平無需太高。也由於這個原因,    絕乾型(也稱為無糖型)酒在馥奇達產區日益普及和成功。

This Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature is a true representation of the essence of Cavalleri. Even though labelled as a NV, it is made mainly based on the 2018 harvest with a bit of reserve wine of 2016. The period of lees ageing is at least two years. The wine has a beautiful pale gold color. The nose is complex with orange blossom, toast, biscuits, brioche, buttery cream with ripe fruit notes of citrus (tangerine), citrus peel, peach, apricot and a hint of acacia honey and flinty mineral tone. On palate, it shows nice concentration and depth with fine and persistent mousse. The creamy body is well balanced by its vibrant acidity. The finish is long and enjoyable with bitter citrus, mineral and saline notes accompanied by a hint of smoke. When drinking it, you may almost get a feeling of looking at bright stars shining in the clear dark sky. Probably, that may be the reason why there is the Constellation of Scorpio on its label.⁣

This is a perfect drink for the warm spring and hot summer time in Hong Kong. Sipping it alone or just with a little simple snack like potato chips will please you already. This Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature is also very friendly in terms of food matching.  Perfect for shellfish, it also goes very well with seafood spaghetti or risotto. For Chinese cuisine, Cantonese Dim Sum like the Shrimp Dumpling (蝦餃) and Spring Rolls (春卷) as well as Shanghai pork and vegetable wonton would all be fantastic choices. You may also pair it with Japanese tempura, gyoza and all kinds of other deep fried dishes.  This is a super delicious Franciacorta that you don’t want to be missed. Salute! ⁣


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Drink with Certa #7: Cavalleri's Blanc de Blancs

Drink with Certa #7: Cavalleri's Blanc de Blancs

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